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I'm Nexto, bringing you the power to look over a bunch of URLs by just clicking next. It's easy!

  1. Paste some links (URLs) below.
  2. Click Launch to fire up PageNexter.
  3. Click Next to quickly load and view each link, one at a time.
  4. Use Chrome or Firefox! This doesn't work well in some other browsers.
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Sometimes, you just have to check things manually.

Maybe you have a list of your product page URLs, and you want to see whether they each have the right price. Or you want to check them for new user reviews. Or verify the product descriptions.

Whatever the case, if you're manually reviewing a list of web pages to make sure your data is right, PageNexter will speed things up for you!

Paste URLs, then click Launch to get started.

Top Secret Bonus Features

Although PageNexter works with any URL, it was built for book publishers, so here are some special features:

  • Try pasting Amazon ASINs instead of URLs. PageNexter will turn them into links to your Amazon product pages.
  • For books, try pasting 13-digit ISBNs. PageNexter will turn them into links to your Barnes & Noble product pages.
  • You can paste a mix of URLs, ASINs and ISBNs. If you paste anything else, it will just be ignored.

Paste URLs Here

Please paste some URLs here before launching PageNexter. Then we can start nexting through those URLs!

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