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Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you offer support?

Nope! Netxo is powerful, but he is too busy saving publishers time to offer any other support. Maybe the information below will answer your questions.

Do you track what I am looking at?

Nope! We do not save your information or track the sites you visit.

How do I get ASINs for my books on Amazon?

An ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is assigned automatically to every product on Amazon. The number is randomly generated for most products, but for print books that use 978-prefixed ISBNs, the ASIN is usually the 10-digit ISBN.

Getting your list of ASINs depends a lot on how you manage your titles in Amazon. If you are using Vendor Central or Seller Central, you should be able to download a list in an Inventory Report. If you are using KDP, the ASIN is shown on each product listing in your Bookshelf.

Of course, you may also need to grab a list of ASINs for books that are not yours. For example, maybe you want to Next through a list of bestsellers in a specific category on Amazon. There are some Chrome Extensions (like this one) that will provide you with a list of all of the ASINs on a specific page.

In that situation, you would first go to a category page (like this one), either by navigating to it or by clicking on one of the categories listed on your book's product page. Then, on that page you could use a Chrome Extension to grab all of those ASINs, then dump them into PageNexter.

You can also just put a list of Amazon links in the PageNexter box, if that's easier.

How do I look at book pages on xyz website?

That will depend on how the website uses (or does not use) ISBNs. Some sites, like IndieBound, use the ISBN in their product page addresses (like this: If that's the case with the site you want to look at, you could create a list of links to those pages by adding the front part of the address to your list of ISBNs.

In other cases, you may just need to copy the links into a document that you can then pop into PageNexter anytime you want to look at the books.

Why did you decide to link ISBNs to Barnes & Noble?

The simple answer is that Barnes & Noble is the largest major online book retailer that uses the ISBN in their URL (thus making it easy for us to create the link to a book page automatically). Other retailers are inconsistent about that, or don't sell print books. In the end, we just had to make a decision about what to do with ISBNs, and B&N made sense.

Are you going to add more features to PageNexter?

Who knows?! Nexto is a superhero, and he has shown us some awesome powers already. However, he may reveal more in the future, and we'll keep an eye out for those. If you think of something we should add, tweet at us!

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